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GrandTech Cloud Services is a professional multi-cloud services provider & solutions aggregator in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We provide multi-cloud hosting solutions and professional consultancy services to support regional enterprises and startups in media & entertainment, gaming, e-learning platform & omnichannel retailing applications.


GrandTech Cloud Services(GCS) is a key partner of AWS, GCP, and Azure. We focus on Cloud hosting services and provide customized solutions for your companies. The services included Professional consulting, Cloud security, SaaS solutions and more. We will help you manage all cloud services. So that you can have the best cloud technology and end-to-end platform to complete digital transformation and high growth over different regions. Therefore your business model can be more agile, scalable, and cost-effective.

Professional Consulting

Using GCS’s professional consultants to provide services from cloud migration, technical expertise, and system architecture design. By migrating to the Cloud, you will be able to save on operating expenses and benefit from a more dynamic resource allocation, higher accessibility, and many more advantages provided by the public cloud.

Cloud Security

With the assistance of GrandTech Cloud Services, we will audit the security settings of your cloud environment in order to ensure that they comply with your business requirements.

SaaS Solutions

GrandTech Cloud Services has vast experiences and domain know-how from image processing, web site design, gaming, office application and customer support to provide value add-on services.
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