What is DevOps?

DevOps (a combination of Development and Operations) is a culture, movement or convention that values ​​communication and cooperation between "software developers (Dev)" and "IT operation and maintenance technicians (Ops)." By automating the processes of "software delivery" and "architecture changes", software can be built, tested, and released more quickly, frequently, and reliably. -WiKi

In short, you can refer to the figure below. When development (software engineering), quality verification (QA), and technical maintenance (Operatios) have an intersection, it is DevOps.

What changes did DevOps bring?

In traditional enterprises, development and maintenance are often divided into two different departments.
Each is responsible for their own areas of expertise. The development department focuses on frequent delivery and development, but the operation department focuses on service reliability and efficiency. Because of the different goals of the two, there is a gap in communication and collaboration.

DevOps integrates the goals of development and maintenance within the organization through the five concepts of CLAMS.
The CALMS are:

  • Culture
  • Automation
  • Lean
  • Measurement
  • Sharing

GCS can integrate the current CICD architecture or create a complete CICD process according to your needs, saving more time for your development and maintenance and improving more quality.

“GCS uses the services provided by AWS and adopts the five concepts of DevOps to provide relevant DevOps culture import, automatic tool import and precise pursuit of the goal of maximizing customer value and reducing cost and waste, and establishes measurable data digitization. And establish a shared culture and spirit to enable enterprises to have better and faster development and maintenance quality!”

AsukaBook Asia applies this architecture