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Super computing powerLow latencyNo prepayment required and cheaperTaiwan Changbin Computer Room
Google has powerful data analysis services such as Google Search Chrome, Google Analytics, YouTube, etc., can make good use of the advantages of huge amounts of data, you can find solutions in a shorter time, and use the most effective resources to create better products service.Google continues to deploy its own fiber-optic submarine cables around the world to provide high-speed transnational networks. As long as you use Google cloud hosts, you can enjoy global fast networks; the host’s own network speed is the number of CPU cores*2Gb/s, up to 16Gb /s.Compared with other cloud providers, Google Cloud Hosting is 19% cheaper, and you can save about 26% through the renewal discount of customized models. The system will automatically adjust the models according to the host usage recommendations, which can save another 14%. Therefore, compared with general cloud hosting, it can save about 59% of the cost.Google's data center is located in Changbin Industrial Zone, Taiwan. It provides local high-speed connections in Taiwan. Compared with major public clouds, it avoids network interruptions caused by submarine cable failures.

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Kubernetes EngineKubernetes Engine is a hosted environment designed for the deployment of containerized applications and can be used for various project tasks at any time. With GCP, you can enjoy a smooth operating environment and deploy a variety of applications. The automatic resource scheduling function allows you to calmly cope with drastic changes in demand. The best thing is that using Kubernetes Engine can also allow your services to migrate smoothly between the cloud and on-premises environments. , With flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness.
BigQueryBigQuery is a serverless cloud data warehousing service. It not only has high scalability and cost-effectiveness, but also carries BI Engine service in its memory and has built-in machine learning technology. BigQuery allows you to devote yourself to analysis work without worrying about the infrastructure. Through powerful analysis functions, you can easily obtain in-depth analysis information in a shorter time.
Cloud AutoMLCloud AutoML is a set of machine learning products that allows developers to train high-quality models for project requirements only with basic machine learning knowledge. Cloud AutoML uses Google's most advanced transfer learning and neuron architecture search technology to quickly build a machine learning model of vision/language/structured data.
Google APIsOne of the key features of Google Cloud Services is its flexibility, open source, and hybrid cloud features. There are more than two hundred APIs in the API library to meet various needs. At the same time, there is also a cross-cloud API management platform on GCP so that users can develop, protect, deploy and monitor you no matter where they are. API.

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Cloud Accounting Service ExpertThe real-time accounting system developed by GrandTech Cloud Services can monitor the usage of accounting in real time, and has the function of cross-cloud accounting monitoring to control monthly cloud expenditures.
One-stop cloud serviceGrandTech Cloud Services is a GCP partner, a one-stop cloud service, and a professional technical team provides a full range of consulting, cloud hosting, management, security monitoring and SaaS service operation services.
Global layout and understanding of the local marketCombining the Group's many years of local operations and experience in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and understanding the local market, it will provide more forward-looking product services and business strategy recommendations.