9vs1 online teaching platform focuses on the dissemination of online knowledge so that professional people can stream their thinking and skills to any corner of the world without being restricted by time or space. At the same time, it is supported by all teachers. Next, 9vs1 also provides free learning for low-income households in Taiwan, so that the power of knowledge can change everyone's future regardless of whether they are rich or poor!

The challenge

With the increase of online users, the 9vs1 online teaching platform needs to re-architect a system that can flexibly respond to the increase or decrease in the number of online users and maintain the best browsing experience. Because in the early days of using AWS, only EC2 computing services were used, and EC2, which runs both website and database services, failed to use cloud services' characteristics to optimize the operating platform.

Solutions provided by GCS

GCS cloud analysis 9vs1 analysis of server load assisted in importing services such as Auto Scaling, RDS managed database, CDN content distribution, Amazon ElastiCache, etc., and re-architected the 9vs1 online teaching platform.

Cooperation results

Before switching to the new architecture, the most worrying thing about 9vs1 was the increase in the number of online viewers. The existing architecture could not respond to the load in real-time, resulting in a poor online course experience for users. After the structure changes, even in the face of the launch of popular courses, the 9vs1 online teaching platform can still operate smoothly, and the monthly expenses can be kept within a reasonable range within the plan.