Focus on the innovative research and development of digital security monitoring system Since its establishment in 1998, Geovision has focused on the innovative research and development of digital security monitoring systems, providing customers with intelligent

applications and monitoring solutions with the best economic benefits with core technologies such as image capture, image analysis, image compression, and image processing. Program. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "customer first, quality first, and providing all-round value-added services", it is the first domestic security monitoring company that has passed the review of the Industrial Bureau to comply with the technology business listing.

With the leading technology in the industry, the License Plate Recognition System (LPR) was developed to expand the integrated application of monitoring and recognition in the security industry. At the same time, it also provides digital monitoring system and point-of-sale management (POS) system, automated service machine (ATM) system, central monitoring system (CMS), access control system (Access Control), network monitoring system (IP) and other related comprehensive solutions The solution is to develop towards digitalization, networking and intelligence, integration and central monitoring, making Odd-Even Technology a leading manufacturer with cross-platform integration capabilities in the security industry.

Integrate the cloud to open up the global market GeoVision has developed the global market with its own brand "GeoVision", established a global marketing channel, and successfully sold in more than 70 countries around the world, and has a high brand awareness in the international market. GeoVision provides a full range of monitoring value-added services, with 19 multinational language versions; actively participates in international security monitoring exhibitions, regularly holds foreign seminars, and strengthens dealer education and training; sets up important overseas bases to make services localized. The company slogan of The Vision of Security reveals the vision and development direction of Geovision Technology combining security, products, enterprises, and brands.

Through leading technology and global layout, GeovisionTechnology began to study the benefits of integrating the cloud two years ago. As AWS is a leader in cloud technology and the market and provides a variety of solutions, Geovision has developed an IP cam combined with AWS cloud backup The system allows home users to automatically back up the video files generated by IP cam to the cloud. First, users don’t have to worry about

deleting old files to ensure storage space, and second, they can use AWS network monitoring to provide user information. Safety. Among them, through the cooperation with AWS's important partner- GCS, Geovision has achieved the original purpose of using the cloud in cost optimization, and then hopes to further cooperate in technology and business so that GCS can assist Geovision An important partner for science and technology to expand its business in the future!