GrandTech Cloud officially obtained the qualification of Google Cloud Elite Partner

GrandTech Cloud has been operating in the cloud market since 2017. In the second half of 2020, it has officially become a Google Cloud reseller partner, actively expanding its cloud markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, and officially became Google Cloud on September 13 this year. Elite partner (Google Cloud Premier Partner). In the future, investments outside of North Asia will be expanded, combined with the abundant resources of the parent company GrandTech Group, and the original cross-cloud cloud accounting system, to provide customers with more diverse and more competitive cloud solutions.

GrandTech Cloud is committed to the global public cloud, cross-cloud and one-stop service become the future trend

Since GrandTech Cloud has cooperated with Google Cloud, its customer industries cover audio-visual multimedia, e-commerce retail, game blockchain, and innovative technology industries. Through Google Cloud machine learning, multi-cloud solutions, open clouds, and a sound global foundation Construction, including the establishment of the first data center in Taiwan, and a digital transformation platform that touches various industries, has become an important reason for customers to choose Google Cloud.

In response to customers’ increasing demand for cross-cloud services, GrandTech Cloud’s unique cross-cloud accounting management platform (ARMIN) can assist customers in real-time monitoring of Google Cloud, AWS and other cloud traffic, optimize cost control, and assist customers with cross-border and multi-currency billing. Combining diversified SaaS products and integrating all the necessary digital transformation services for all enterprises, customers can freely use different public cloud advantages to ensure that they can continue to stay ahead in the process of digital transformation and create a win-win situation with customers.

GrandTech Cloud continues to empower customers to expand overseas cloud blueprints

Enterprise cloud and global strategic management are the main needs of most customers who are undergoing digital transformation. As a professional cloud service provider, GrandTech Cloud helps customers in the global cross-industry competition, and continues to support customers in the global market through real-time cloud empowerment. In the future, GrandTech Cloud will also expand to other international markets and become an indispensable and important partner for Customer Success.