Customer Name: TRANS-IOT

Use products and services: GCP

Industry: Internet of Things / Internet of Vehicles

Country: Taiwan

Trans-IoT is a reinvestment company of Foxconn Technology Group in the Internet of Things/Internet of Vehicles in the eight smart life of the Foxconn Technology Group. It has been focusing on the application of vehicle travel data for many years and has become a leader in this field. After adopting Google Cloud Platform (hereafter referred to as GCP) services, Trans-IoT has greatly improved the efficiency of data analysis and reduced labor costs, strengthening the company's overall core operations.

Using GCP services allows our team’s work efficiency to focus more on core tasks rather than daily repetitive maintenance work. This ensures the company's core competitiveness, which is a very important work optimization platform for us-Trans-IoT

An expert in Internet of Vehicles and data analysis across three major industries

Trans-IOT has entered the three major industries of car factory/property insurance/fleet, and provides key services with vehicle condition data and other content. At the same time, research and develop a total of seven data new/invention patent technologies such as smart car/digital insurance/risk management.

In addition to possessing top-notch Internet of Vehicles and big data calculation technology, Trans-IOT uses 6.2 billion accurate travel data every year as the core content of machine learning and calculations to provide the highest quality data services. Develop more than 400 APIs, and build core technologies for data applications such as smart car linkage, digital insurance, and risk management, centered on modular service car manufacturers and property insurance companies.

GCP service used by Trans-IoT Compute Engine / App Engine real-time data analysis Trans-IOT analyzes the data detected by the car through App Engine and calculates the preliminary information about the relevant insurance. The car owner can use the following functions through this information: remotely operate the car door, remotely watch the driving recorder screen through the app, etc. If the car is accidentally collided or the car alarm is triggered, even if the car owner cannot walk away and cannot reach the car in time By the side, you can also check the status of the vehicle in real time through your mobile phone.

Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL big data dual help The car status data returned by the car detector is stored through Cloud Storage, such as fuel level, mileage, etc., of course, including driving records, which can be purchased according to the needs of your own company, with high flexibility. Then, with the help of Cloud SQL, the aforementioned data is placed in the database for subsequent analysis, so that Trans-IoT can continuously optimize the services they provide to customers.

Use GCP to strengthen the company's core competitiveness

With the efficient execution capabilities of GCP, the Trans-IoT team can properly maintain virtual machines (VM) without consuming a lot of manpower and time costs. The technical team can also focus on the development and optimization of Internet of Vehicles services.

The database analysis function of Cloud SQL greatly improves the data analysis efficiency of

all users, and all data is backed up synchronously, so there is no need to worry about downtime. The work efficiency of the overall team can be concentrated on the main tasks

rather than the daily maintenance work, which is an important point to ensure that the

company maintains its core competitiveness. GCP is a very important work optimization platform for Trans-IoT.