Use products and services: GCP

Industry: Information, learning platform

Country: Taiwan

"JoSeal" is the first online learning platform in Taiwan. It is to gather professionals into a group/community, so that everyone in a professional group can cultivate professions facing different environments and fields (SEa Air Land). ability. They optimize the company's online learning process with a gamification mechanism to maximize the company's training performance.

Use GCP Service to Optimize Teaching Process and Improve Enterprise Learning Quality

When most employees talk about learning experience, they always watch instructional videos in front of their computers, and their learning performance can only be determined by the final evaluation scores. The emergence of Joseal subverted the existing process, increased the interest of the course with an interactive online learning platform, and at the same time removed the sense of isolation of "teaching on the screen", so that team members can take online courses in a synchronized manner.

JoSeal supports all audio-visual teaching materials, live broadcasts, and can even set regular schedules to push courses throughout the company. The content is all stored and distributed in the cloud, and lecturers and students can access them smoothly anytime and anywhere. At the same time, with exclusive voice recognition and search engine technology, courses can be automatically categorized, easily searched, and accurately recommended. Various learning activities are also held on the learning platform from time to time. Students with good learning performance can get points, which can be exchanged for virtual or physical rewards to create a high-quality learning atmosphere.

JoSeal learns to use GCP service

Compute Engine multi-person cooperation and stable connection

GCP provides a stable Compute Engine service, which can support multiple people to connect and learn together at the same time, and provide JoSeal web hosting services to ensure that the experience of the enterprise in the learning process is smooth and worry-free.

Cloud DNS & CDN for global users

JoSeal uses Cloud DNS service to distribute network traffic to ensure smooth network usage and maintain high quality; GCP CDN service helps users all over the world to watch courses quickly and conveniently, freeing geographical restrictions and creating a learning environment without borders , No matter where you are, you can participate in online co-learning to maximize your company’s training performance. This is very convenient for multinational companies or companies whose employees are scattered overseas, especially in the current situation affected by the epidemic.

Big Query and Cloud SQL create an efficient teaching journey

In addition to the students' own learning and absorption, the teaching side is also very important to master the students' learning conditions, which can strengthen or modify the direction and content of teaching. Through the Big Query service, a large amount of learning data can be easily processed and analyzed, so that community owners can quickly know the learning status of students. It can also strengthen the practice for the areas where the students are not good at, and accelerate the growth of the pain points. After the analysis is completed, the student interaction data, learning status and other data can be stored in the Cloud SQL relational database. For creating an efficient teaching journey, GCP can provide complete supporting measures to be the strongest backing of the platform.

Google Cloud Armor

For the platform, data protection is also a very important part, whether it is for companies or students. The use of Cloud Armor protection can completely protect all data placed on GCP, while also preventing DDos network attacks, giving users more peace of mind.

After using the GCP service, what changes did JoSeal learn?

Screen maintenance time cost, can focus more on business development and improve performance

Through the efficient execution capabilities of GCP, the JoSeal team can not consume a lot of manpower and time cost. In the maintenance of VM, the technical team can also focus on the service development and optimization of the shared learning platform. Compute Engine's service can stably support JoSeal's online multi-person learning service. All data generated on the platform is backed up simultaneously, so there is no need to worry about down time. GCP saves a lot of time and costs that must be spent on maintenance and operation. With a simple and easy-to-understand back-end mechanism, the JoSeal team can focus more on the development of the online co-learning platform. This is the core reason why they use GCP.