Focus on customized network application and service development

IIFUN has been focusing on the development of customized network applications and services for many years. With the evolution of mobile, social, huge data and cloud applications, the products and services provided by IIFUN have the features of easy-to-use, flexible and good management required by customers. Its service scope includes: website-related overall planning and construction and maintenance , Cloud and mobile application system development, massive data analysis and visual decision-making applications, information security protection related products, SSL certificate services, backup and other peripheral agent products.

Use AWS to achieve faster deployment efficiency

This time, using AWS to help customers build a website, from the previous month from the test platform to the official environment, the deployment can be completed in a few days, showing the completeness of the AWS environment and related support, so that IIFUN can complete it smoothly. Customer delivery, achieve a win-win situation!