FM Solutions Consultants Limited

About FM Solutions Technology

FM Solutions Consultants Limited, established in 2014, is a FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance) in Hong Kong. FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. FM Solutions specialize in offering complete support in the implementation and use of business systems, essentially FileMaker solutions. 

FM Solutions Consultants Limited brings not only systems expertise, but also the ability to listen to and understand the problems confronting today’s businesses. 

FM Solutions’ Challenge

Being a software development service provider, FM Solutions has to constantly setup testing environment and platforms for customers’ testing and presentation which leads to tremendous amount of workload on server maintenance and setup.  

Solutions from GCS

GCS help customer to setup VM on AWS and provide cost-efficient solutions for ad hoc testing. Leverage with well AWS backup practice, customers got no worry about their user data set to store and recover occasionally in a long run.

The Benefit

GCS Team provide certified managed service support to ensure customer running their solutions in a safe, secure and stable cloud environment.