Best Moment Inc.

Best Moment Inc.

Customer Name: Best Moment Inc.

Use products and services: GCP

Industry: Retail e-commerce

Country: Taiwan

company background

BEMO Cafe ( is a coffee selection brand, with professional coffee consultants and cupping teams, working hand in hand with coffee professionals who pursue quality, taste and storytelling to find beans and roast beans, provide Single-origin coffee with rich flavor performance, selects Alishan series, Geisha series, musician series and other classic boutique series. Freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans are ground with Swiss industrial-grade grinder, and then filled with nitrogen gas by Japanese cutting-edge packaging equipment , The original flavor of coffee is perfectly encapsulated, and the unpacking of each packet of coffee is close to the aroma performance of freshly ground!

BEMO Cafe pursues exquisite coffee life aesthetics, so that drinking coffee is not only a functional drink, but also a manifestation of lifestyle. It is expected to introduce consumers' recognition of BEMO Cafe brand value and let BEMO Café into every consumer's life. .

BEMO Cafe is committed to popularizing specialty coffee, integrating the four major feasts of vision, smell, taste and perception. You can easily enjoy high-quality and tasteful coffee and become your exclusive barista.

Compute Engine makes BEMO's business scope borderless

Compute Engine provides a stable front-end website, which links the shopping cart to the invoicing management system to ensure stable supply and store all data in reliable GCP Cloud Storage. The high availability of Compute Engine prevents downtime and ensures Other VMs can also execute operations immediately. With the help of Network Egress to transmit information to all parts of the world, customers at home and abroad can easily place orders and taste your own BEMO Cafe

GCP use experience sharing

Through the efficient execution capabilities of GCP, the BEMO team can not consume a lot of manpower and time costs. In the maintenance of VMs, Compute Engine's stable front-end services and all data are backed up, so there is no need to worry about any down time. BEMO Therefore, the team can focus on the research and development of coffee products, rather than routine maintenance, to ensure the smooth progress of the company’s core business. It is a rare work optimization platform.